Guitar World “Last Licks” Thrash Metal style by Martin Goulding

Lamb of God thumb

For the March 2012 edition of Guitar World magazine which features Lamb of God on the front cover, i put together my back cover column “Last Licks” showcasing some elements of the thrash style, including riffs in the style of the big four Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, Slayer along with modern metal masters and front cover band Lamb of God. The supporting video goes into some detail breaking down and focusing on the techniques used. For the audio i used an Axe FX II set up with a hot rodded Marshall JCM800 sound with a TS808 type tubescreamer for the first four examples and a Mesa Dual Rec type sound for the Lamb of God riff, then straight to an Apogee ensemble card into a Mac Pro. For Video, a Canon 60D and FCP X for editing which is great. The guitar is a very rare pre-Hammett 1991 ESP custom with skull&bones inlays and seymour duncan active blackouts which i was fortunate to borrow from my good friend Doug Cartwright. Rock!

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