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Here is the first review of my new guitar tuition DVD “Play Metal,” which was released this month by Future Publishing in association with Guitar Techniques magazine and can be ordered online here, as well as on the highstreet in branches of WHSmiths and Tescos! (see previous news post) Many thanks go to Mark Thompson and the guys at guitar website Shred Knowledge who conclude in their summary:

“This DVD and its examples are not so hard they are beyond the mortals reach and yet so good the worth reaching for practicing and learning. Tuition comes in two categories I find, either too easy and a waste of money or too bloody hard and a waste of money, this title is neither of these. Martin plays the examples with such precision and accuracy that also makes the student reach for higher level of accuracy. This is worth twice its £5.99 asking price and the performance tracks with backing worth the price alone. I have been both inspired and excited to play and learn from this title and it will stay in the DVD player long after this review. “I can honestly say its well worth buying .”

For the full review, please click this link. Rock!

Great thanks also to Laurie Monk and the guys at top guitar resource and database Truth in Shredding for the continued support:

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