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Hi there and welcome to martingoulding.com. The purpose of this site is to provide the highest quality of tuition aimed at the intermediate to advanced level guitar player in the Modern Rock/Metal styles (post-Van Halen!). The main areas of this exciting style are broken down into technical categories and studied in a progressive way. Visit the Lesson Area for masterclasses in Alternate Picking, Legato, Sweeping, 2 Handed Tapping, as well as a special section dedicated to Rock/Metal/Death riffage in the style of the great Modern Metal bands! There are also Solo Studies demonstrating techniques, phrasing and improvisational concepts used by some of the world’s top players.

There are practice ideas, concepts and tips throughout as well as historical references to the development of the style from its late seventies origin. There are detailed instructions on the techniques used, along with professional quality audio demonstrations at slow “learn” speeds as well as top standard speeds. The Riff area also includes play-along top speed backing tracks. The material has been taken from my private syllabus which I have developed by studying the great players and from experience in the teaching of this specialised subject for nearly 20 years.

Some of the features have appeared in Guitar Techniques magazine where I have had the privilege of being monthly Rock/Metal columnist for the last five years, and more recently Guitar World USA, check out the Magazine Portfolio page for more details.  The whole site is free, and I hope to expand the site with new lessons, interviews and ideas as well as keeping you informed about my professional studio work, forthcoming books, my band Linear Sphere and the other projects that I’m involved with

Finally big thanks go to Toby Pitman my good friend,  Air Studios resident Session Guitarist/ Producer and Web Designer (and I thought I was busy!) who designed this site, the fantastic Mademoiselle S for the photography, Guitar Techniques magazine, Guitar World USA, and the ICMP for all the support. Rock!

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